DWA Guide is an online platform for Data Warehouse Automation tools, with facilities to compare tools, read reviews, blog posts and videos related to DWA tools.

DWA Guide is an initiative of Hans Michiels, an independent Business Intelligence and Datawarehouse Consultant using Microsoft Technology, working in the Netherlands. His goal was to evangelise data warehouse automation, and to provide support in choosing the right tools for the job. To make this goal reality, he started DWA Guide.


Meanwhile, in February of 2021, a new company called DataToko was founded. DataToko provides a one-stop shop for data warehouse automation and DataOps, and shares the passion of automation and the goal of providing advice and support. For more info, visit datatoko.com.


So, in April 2021, all ownership, management and operations of DWA Guide has been transferred over from Hans to DataToko. The wish and goal of both parties is to revamp DWA Guide to prepare it for the next generation of data warehouse architectures and dwa tools.


Stay tuned for more info!